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Being involved in an 18-wheeler accident can be the most overwhelming experience of your life. Most of us will experience one or more car accidents during our lifetimes, and some of those car accidents may be severe. When you are hit by an 80,000-pound truck it is more likely the injuries to those in the smaller passenger vehicle will be catastrophic or fatal. If you have been involved in an 18-wheeler accident in Fort Worth, you could be in the hospital with severe injuries, wondering how you will get through the next few months.  

You could require medical treatment for a long time and possible rehabilitative therapies for a very long time. Your injuries could prevent you from returning to work and making a living and from doing virtually any of the things you once did on a daily basis. If you find yourself in a similar situation after being hit by a negligent truck driver, you need immediate legal assistance. Having a strong advocate who will fight for your future is not simply comforting, it is essential.   

Why Should You Choose a Fort Worth 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer from Noteboom—The Law Firm? 

At Noteboom—The Law Firm, we understand that you may be confused about the personal injury legal process. Your injuries from your truck wreck could be catastrophic, requiring months or years of medical interventions, rehabilitative therapies, and treatments. Your medical bills could be mounting alarmingly, and if you are unable to work you may also be unable to pay your normal monthly expenses.  

We will help you get the medical treatments you need while we work tirelessly to ensure you will also be able to get your finances back on track. At Noteboom—The Law Firm, our legal team goes above and beyond to ensure you get what you need every step of the way. We will clear up any confusion you may have, answering all your questions thoroughly, yet in an easy-to-understand manner.   

How Do 18-Wheeler Accidents Typically Occur? 

Commercial truck accidents can happen for a wide variety of reasons. Some of the primary causes of truck accidents include:  

  • Overly fatigued truck drivers—Truck drivers work long hours to get their loads delivered. Although there are rules in place that govern the amount of time a truck driver can be behind the wheel, truck drivers are only paid for the time they are actually driving. This leads to many truck drivers exceeding their allowable hours, getting little sleep, and driving while fatigued and sleepy. 
  • Impaired drivers are a danger to themselves and those around them. Since an 18-wheeler is so much bigger than a passenger vehicle, an impaired truck driver can cause a catastrophic or fatal accident.  
  • Distracted driving occurs in truck drivers as well as other drivers. Although truck drivers are not allowed to use their cell phones, many do so. Truck drivers are subject to the same distractions as the rest of us—they eat, change the controls, set the GPS, and talk to their passengers.  
  • Reckless or careless driving includes exceeding the speed limit, ignoring traffic signals, recklessly passing on a two-lane road, failure to yield, tailgating, and other dangerous driving habits that can result in a serious accident. 
  • Poorly maintained trucks—particularly brakes and tires—can lead to accidents. The maintenance company may share liability with the trucking company and the driver when poor maintenance leads to an accident.    
  • Improper loading of cargo can cause cargo to shift or fall onto the road. When cargo shifts, the truck can potentially tip over. The cargo loading company could be responsible for such an accident or may share liability with the trucking company. The driver could also be liable if he or she failed to check the load to see if it was properly loaded and secured.  

Other causes of truck accidents include poor road conditions, inclement weather, drivers who are not properly trained, unrealistic time constraints, and inadequate background checks.   

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What Are the Most Common Injuries Following an 18-Wheeler Accident? 

When a passenger vehicle is hit by an 18-wheeler, the resulting injuries to those in the passenger vehicle are likely severe or catastrophic. Catastrophic injuries are those that may not be permanent but will likely take months or years to heal. In some cases, the effects of a catastrophic injury can last for the remainder of the victim’s life.   

Catastrophic injuries include extensive burns, the loss of a limb, severe traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries that cause paralysis, and injuries that severely affect the central nervous, gastrointestinal, reproductive, circulatory, or respiratory systems. A catastrophic injury can result in hundreds of thousands—or millions—of dollars in medical expenses, along with lost wages, loss of future income, the costs for additional care, loss of household services, loss of quality of life, pain and suffering, and a shortened lifespan.   

Of course, not all injuries from a truck accident are catastrophic, but it is rare for a person in a smaller passenger vehicle to walk away from a truck accident with only minor injuries. A truck accident almost always alters your life in many ways, including your injuries, your ability to work, and your overall quality of life. You may no longer be able to do the things you once enjoyed following injuries sustained in a truck accident.  

What Should You Do Following an 18-Wheeler Accident? 

As with any automobile accident, the first thing you should do following a truck accident—if you are able—is to call 911 for medical assistance. You and any passengers should be checked out for injuries as quickly as possible. If you are able to do so safely, take photographs with your cell phone camera while you are still at the site of the accident and obtain witness contact information from any witnesses to the accident. These can prove to be invaluable when you file a claim for your injuries. Exchange information with the truck driver, including insurance information.  

Once you have received medical treatment and are home, take a minute to write down any detail you can remember about the accident. Contact your own insurance company to let them know about the accident, then contact an experienced truck accident attorney as quickly as possible. You can expect the trucking company to “circle the wagons,” so to speak immediately after the accident. Their goal will be to point the finger at you and avoid as much liability as possible. Your Fort Worth 18-wheeler accident lawyer from Noteboom—The Law Firm, can ensure your rights and your future are fully protected.  

What Are the Differences Between a Truck Accident and a Car Accident? 

There are many differences between a “normal” two-car accident and an accident that involves a large commercial truck. The major differences include: 

  • The level of damage to the smaller vehicle 
  • The severity of injuries to those in the passenger vehicle 
  • The number of injured parties 
  • The size of the truck when compared to a passenger vehicle 
  • The experience of the drivers—it is presumed that truck drivers are professionals who hold a special license and are trained to avoid accidents. 

Getting the Help You Need from Noteboom—The Law Firm

When you need a Fort Worth 18-wheeler accident lawyer, consider calling Noteboom—The Law Firm. We have a stellar reputation across the state of Texas. Our former clients offer exceptional testimonials of our commitment and dedication. Our experience allows us to secure the best possible settlement on your behalf. If you are severely injured following a truck accident don’t wait—contact the Noteboom legal team today.  

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