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Overview of Fort Worth Car Accidents That Need a Fort Worth Car Accident Attorney

Car accidents have many causes—and your car accident is as unique as yours. Car accidents are often caused by drivers who are distracted, impaired, overly fatigued, or driving carelessly. Distracted drivers may be eating while driving, talking on the phone, setting or reading a GPS device, or turning around to check on the children in the back seat. Careless or reckless drivers may be exceeding the speed limit, weaving in and out of traffic, or tailgating the car in front of them. A Fort Worth Car Accident Attorney would help in case of an accident.

Overly fatigued drivers are increasing as lack of sleep becomes a national problem. In fact, according to the CDC, being awake for 18 hours is the equivalent of a BAC of 0.05 percent, while being awake for at least 24 hours is the equivalent of having a BAC of 0.10 percent. This means the driver’s reflexes are slowed and they lack the judgment a well-rested person has. Impaired drivers have the same slow responding time and lack of judgment.

According to Texas DOT, in 2021 the state of Texas experienced a 15.22 percent increase in the number of motor vehicle traffic fatalities. Texas collisions were responsible for 19,448 serious injuries in 2021, and contrary to popular belief, more car accident fatalities occur in rural areas (51.04 percent) as opposed to occurring in cities or on freeways.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you may have suffered serious injuries—so serious you may be unable to return to work for weeks, months, or years. You may be seeing the medical expenses continue to grow. If you are unable to work, you may not be able to pay your most basic living expenses.

Anxiety, fear of what the future holds, frustration, and even anger may be a normal part of your day-to-day life. It is important to understand that you do not have to handle your car accident on your own. An experienced Fort Worth car accident attorney from Noteboom—The Law Firm can make a significant difference in your life now, as well as in the outcome of your car accident claim.

Why Should You Choose Noteboom—The Law Firm Following Your Car Accident?

Choosing an attorney following your Fort Worth car accident can seem like one more task you must deal with at a time when you are already stretched thin. Think about it like this—once you have spoken to an experienced car accident attorney, many of the burdens you are currently dealing with will be taken on by your attorney.

Perhaps you were on your way home after a long day of work. Suddenly, without warning, a negligent driver hits you, altering your life in ways that can range from minor to severe. If this negligence prevents you from earning a living or leaves you injured so severely that you will never be “back to normal,” you need an experienced Fort Worth car accident attorney from Noteboom—The Law Firm.

Our firm was founded in 1982. Since that time, we have been there for those in the Fort Worth area who have sustained serious or catastrophic injuries following a car accident. We bring a deep level of knowledge and experience to every car accident claim we handle. We have the resources to take your case to trial when the situation warrants—and never hesitate to go up against a big insurance company.

FAQ: What Should I Do if Insurance Companies Contact Me After My Car Accident?

Rather than contracting services out, we have an on-staff investigator, as well as relationships with experts we may need to prove your case. It’s important that you not risk your future to a less experienced law firm—Noteboom—The Law Firm, is ready to assist you immediately.

What Should You Do Following a Fort Worth Car Accident That Was Not Your Fault?

What you do immediately after your Fort Worth car accident can make a significant difference in the outcome. The first thing you must do is ensure everyone involved in the accident receives prompt medical attention. Even if you think you are “fine,” the adrenaline rush your body experiences during a car accident can mask injury symptoms.

If it’s possible, move all involved vehicles off the road to avoid obstructing traffic or causing subsequent car collisions. While the at-fault driver should report the incident, don’t count on this. Call 911 and wait for the police and ambulance service. While waiting, if you are able, exchange contact information and insurance information with the other driver, then do the following:

  • Take photos of the accident scene, particularly both vehicles (before they are moved, if possible), including the damage and the license plate of the other driver’s vehicle.
  • If there were witnesses to the accident, take down their contact information.
  • Ask the police officer when the police report will be available and how you can access the report. Larger cities may allow you to do this online.
  • After you have been treated for your injuries and are home, contact your own insurance company, relaying the basic facts of the accident. If the at-fault driver is either uninsured or underinsured check with your insurer to determine whether you have uninsured /underinsured motorist coverage.
  • Write down any details you can remember about the accident. Sometimes, the smallest detail can make a significant difference, helping your attorney prove your case.
  • Keep careful track of all your medical expenses related to your Fort Worth car accident.
  • Contact an experienced car accident attorney as quickly as possible. The sooner you have a strong legal advocate in your corner, the more likely a positive outcome.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in Fort Worth?

There are many different factors involved in car accidents. In many accidents, more than one cause is present. Some of the most common causes of car accidents include the following:

  • Distracted driving has quickly moved up the list to become the primary cause of car accidents across the United States and in Fort Worth. Visual distractions occur when your eyes are on something other than the road and the drivers around you. Cognitive distractions involve anything that takes your mind off the task of driving. Manual distractions are those that involve taking your hands off the wheel. Manual distractions include eating and drinking while driving, making GPS, radio, and car control adjustments, talking and texting, and turning around to pick up a toy dropped by a child in the back seat (this one includes manual, visual, and cognitive distractions).
  • Exceeding the speed limit is another top cause of car accidents. Speed limits are specifically designed to provide drivers with enough time to brake for obstacles, road hazards, and other vehicles. When you consistently exceed the speed limit, you are significantly increasing your odds of being involved in a car accident.
  • Driving while impaired, whether from alcohol, illicit drugs, or prescription drugs, also causes many car accidents. It is never a good idea to get behind the wheel when you have been drinking alcohol or have taken legal or illegal drugs.
  • Reckless and careless driving such as swerving in and out of traffic, tailgating other drivers, running stop signs and red lights, and other such aggressive behaviors contribute to a significant number of car accidents each year.
  • Inclement weather, including rain, wind, fog, snow, and ice can all increase the likelihood of a car accident. Many drivers do not slow their speeds in bad weather, which is a recipe for disaster.
  • Drowsy driving can be as dangerous as impaired driving in some situations. We are a nation of insomniacs, which means most of us have probably driven while overly tired. When you have not slept for 24 hours, your mental and physical responses can be just as slow as if you had a BAC of .08 percent.
  • Teenage drivers are inexperienced and tend to lack a level of carefulness that adult drivers have. The combination of inexperience and carelessness can lead to serious accidents.
  • Fatal accidents often happen at night for one simple reason—night driving is dangerous, thanks to impaired night vision along with the fact that those driving at night are more likely to be tired, impaired—or both.

Other common causes of car accidents include animals crossing the road, failure to slow down in construction zones, making illegal or improper turns, vehicle and tire malfunctions, road hazards, curvy roads, and failure to obey driving rules and laws.

What is the Most Important Element in Proving My Claim?

One of the most important elements in ensuring a successful claim is a clear determination of liability. Liability can be proven in many different ways. When the police arrive, if the fault for the accident is clear, the police report will reflect those findings, so a police report can be an essential piece of the liability puzzle. If the police cannot definitively say which driver was at fault for the accident, there may be video footage in the area that will prove fault.

Most newer cars have a “data box,” which can determine the speed of the vehicles at the time of the crash, along with whether either vehicle engaged in hard braking. Your attorney can have an accident reconstructionist who is an expert in determining liability assist in deciding which driver is at fault. The following elements must be present in any car accident for the plaintiff to seek damages:

  1. There must have been a clear duty of care. All drivers owe other drivers a duty of care when they get behind the wheel. That duty of care includes driving safely and obeying all traffic rules and laws.
  2. If there was a duty of care, you must be able to show that the duty of care was breached by the defendant—the defendant failed to take the necessary precautions to avoid harm to others.
  3. Once the duty of care is clear, and it has been shown that the duty of care was breached, then a direct link between the defendant’s actions and your injuries must be shown.
  4. As the plaintiff, you must have evidence that the damages you suffered are a direct result of the defendant’s actions and that the foreseeable cause of your injuries (proximate cause) was clear, based on the defendant’s actions.

It can be extremely beneficial to have a strong Fort Worth car accident lawyer from Noteboom—The Law Firm as your advocate, handling all aspects of your accident while you have the time you need to get your life back on track.

What Damages Are Available Following a Fort Worth Car Accident?

Your damages will depend on the circumstances surrounding your car accident. You can discuss this issue with your attorney, who will have a good idea of which damages you will be entitled to receive. Damages can include:

  • Economic damages are those that can be easily quantified. This means there is an exact financial number attached to economic damages. Medical expenses, current and future, fall under economic damages. If your injuries are preventing you from returning to work for a few weeks or months, you are entitled to lost wages, and, in some cases, loss of benefits associated with your job. If your injuries will prevent you from returning to work for many months, years, or forever, you are also entitled to future lost earnings. Your attorney may hire an expert who can help determine what your future earning potential would have been. This can depend on your age, your education, how long you have worked, and whether you would have likely moved up in your career.
  • Non-economic damages are much more difficult to determine because they are so subjective. It is difficult to assess how much physical or emotional pain another person is in as a result of their injuries. Pain and suffering fall under the non-economic damages category and can include actual physical pain as well as emotional pain and suffering. Keeping a journal of how your injuries prevent you from living a “normal” life can be important in assessing your damages. If your pain—physical or emotional—prevents you from engaging in normal day-to-day activities, or hobbies you once enjoyed, these are things you should keep track of.
  • Punitive damages are much less common and are usually reserved for situations where the defendant acted maliciously, or in a particularly egregious manner. Punitive damages are not only meant to punish the defendant but they are also meant to deter similar behavior in others.

How Much Could My Car Accident Be Worth?

Your Fort Worth car accident attorney may be able to give you a good idea of what your car accident is worth based on his or her experience and the facts and evidence that exist. Proving liability is crucial to determining what your car accident could be worth. An experienced attorney from Noteboom—The Law Firm, will comprehensively assess your car accident, and then let you know what your damages are worth.

How Long Can a Car Accident Settlement Take?

It’s normal to wonder how long your car accident settlement will take. The answer to this question depends largely on how quickly you hire an attorney, how complex your claim is, and whether liability is clear. If the accident was clearly the fault of the other driver, then the police report will likely back this up. The goal of the other driver’s insurer will be to delay the claim, offer you a lowball settlement, or deny the claim altogether.

Insurance companies are interested in their financial bottom line, therefore, have a full litany of tactics used to induce you to take less than your claim is worth. If liability is clear, and there were no extenuating circumstances, your car accident claim may be settled in a matter of months. At that point, it generally takes about six weeks to receive your check. If your case goes to trial, you can expect the entire process to take 1-2 years. If the judge or jury finds in your favor, you can expect your check within about six weeks.

How to Determine Liability Following an Accident

Of course, there are instances when liability for a car accident is readily apparent. Other times, liability comes down to determining which party was careless or negligent. A police report can have information offered up by witnesses and parties which can indicate who is likely at fault. 

In certain cases, a law or rule of the road may have been clearly broken. If the person who caused your accident was significantly exceeding the speed limit or otherwise driving carelessly, then negligence per se could be at hand—that is, the defendant is negligent as a matter of law. In other circumstances, a factor such as being hit from behind may strongly suggest negligence. The majority of the time a driver hit from behind is not responsible for the accident. 

In the same way, a vehicle making a left-hand turn is almost always liable for a collision with a vehicle coming straight from the other direction. The exceptions might be if the vehicle did not stop at a stop sign or light or was significantly exceeding the speed limit. Accidents involving an automobile, a bicyclist, or a pedestrian are generally considered the fault of the car driver. This is because pedestrians and bicyclist—due to their vulnerability—are owed a particular duty of care.  

The specific damage to your vehicle and the vehicle of the other driver could also prove which driver was negligent. If you have been involved in a car accident, it is important that you speak to a knowledgeable motor vehicle accident attorney from Noteboom—The Law Firm. 

How Do I Know if I Need A Fort Worth Car Accident Attorney?

If you have been involved in a Fort Worth car accident and your injuries are anything above very minor, it is can definitely be beneficial for you to contact an experienced Fort Worth car accident attorney from Noteboom—The Law Firm. Especially if you are unable to work following your accident, you definitely need a knowledgeable car accident attorney by your side. This is extremely important if you are to collect the compensation you are owed. If you are a pedestrian, motorcyclist, or bicyclist, you almost certainly need a strong Fort Worth car accident attorney in your corner. You may have injuries that will alter your life and need a highly skilled attorney to help you get the compensation you need and deserve.  

Hire A Fort Worth Car Accident Attorney Near You. Contact Noteboom.

The Fort Worth car accident attorneys from Noteboom will aggressively represent you following your car accident. Once you have retained our firm, we will go all out to fully represent you while securing a fair settlement on your behalf. If necessary, we will provide an accident reconstructionist, an investigator, or any other experts needed to prove liability.

To show the level of damage you have sustained to your health and earning ability, we will retain rehabilitative, economic, and vocational experts. If an equitable settlement cannot be reached, we will not hesitate to file a lawsuit on your behalf. We make a commitment to our clients to stay in regular contact with them throughout the process.  We will also ensure your rights are protected and your questions are thoroughly answered. Contact Noteboom—The Law Firm today for quality legal representation.


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