Construction site with craneThis is the last post in a series discussing the handling of construction accident cases in Fort Worth, Texas. Given the types of activities, machinery and equipment used at construction sites, one can imagine that serious accidents can and do occur. Someone who has been injured in a construction accident may not know how to proceed to protect their interests. Our goal in this series has been to explain the types of legal claims that may be available and to discuss important aspects of legal process that will follow. Another goal has been to provide information that will help you select an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after the incident to protect your rights. If you have been injured and need assistance, contact an attorney today.

We have discussed several topics in this series, including:

Understanding these issues is important for a variety of reasons. First, unlike many states, in some circumstances Texas allows certain employee claims to be made directly against an employer, as opposed to through the workers compensation system. These claims are known as non-subscriber claims. Second, if a third party is responsible in some way for the injury, it may be possible to pursue a claim against that party. Third, it may be necessary to retain expert witnesses to demonstrate an employer’s or third party’s liability for an accident. Specialists in the fields of safety standards or site conditions could provide supporting evidence for your claim. Experts may also be required to support a victim’s calculation for damages. Last, if a case proceeds to trial, it is important for the injured party to know what to expect during the trial process.

When a catastrophic injury occurs on a construction site, the medical, insurance and legal processes can seem overwhelming. We recommend contacting an attorney as soon as possible following the incident to preserve your rights and represent your interests. We suggest retaining a law firm with multiple attorneys who are Board Certified in Personal Injury Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. The firm should have on-staff resources to act quickly to conduct an investigation of the matter and to access the necessary experts to support your case. Injured parties should contact a lawyer immediately, regardless of whether the incident took place in Fort Worth, Dallas, or another area.