What should I consider when choosing a Texas DRAM shop attorney?

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Texas Residents Should Retain An Attorney With Significant Resources In Fort Worth DRAM Shop Cases

Comparative fault is a complicated theory and, because it directly impacts a defendant’s liability to pay damages, is often hotly contested. Experienced personal injury attorneys understand this theory and are able to retain expert witnesses and conduct a full investigation to help their client recover the damages to which they are entitled. Hiring such experts can become expensive for the retained law firm. In this article, therefore, we will discuss the importance of selecting a lawyer with the resources necessary to effectively manage your liquor liability case. If you have been injured, we suggest contacting an attorney as soon as possible to preserve your legal rights.

Fort Worth residents should retain an injury lawyer with adequate financial resources

Catastrophic and complex personal injury cases are typically taken by Texas law firms on a contingency fee basis. This means that the firm will incur all of the expenses related to your case during the process and be reimbursed for their fees and expenses when you settle or prevail at trial. In a complicated matter, the fees for attorney and support staff time, court filings, expert witnesses, investigators, etc., can reach six or seven-figures. If one retains counsel without the financial resources necessary to incur such costs, it may impact the firm’s ability to adequately handle the case.

DRAM shop liability cases can be particularly expensive. Depending upon the corporate structure of the establishment involved, the defendant may employ in-house counsel, outside law firms and their insurance company’s attorneys to defend the case. In addition, proving that the establishment was responsible for the accident is difficult and may involve the use of expert witnesses who focus on industry safety standards. When a Fort Worth resident’s injuries are severe, additional experts will likely be needed to establish the plaintiff’s damages. Furthermore, such cases also require an in-depth investigation into the facts surrounding the incident, which can add costs. It is best to retain a firm that employs its own investigator, in order to make sure that these issues are handled properly. A law firm willing to take such a case on a contingency fee basis must have substantial financial resources to incur these costs while the case proceeds to conclusion.

Fort Worth accident victims can benefit from hiring a firm which can devote multiple attorneys to their case

Victims and their families should consider retaining law firms with the personnel necessary to give their case the attention it deserves. DRAM shop liability cases may involve extensive discovery periods leading up to a trial. Multiple motions, briefs, and hearings may precede the trial itself. Also, as stated above, these cases may involve multiple defendants and attorneys, increasing the workload for the plaintiff’s lawyers. By retaining a firm that can devote multiple attorneys to a case, you help to ensure that such issues receive the attention they deserve. This is true regardless of whether you were injured in Fort Worth, Dallas, or elsewhere in Texas.

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