How do I find the right Texas oil field injury attorney?

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Fort Worth Oil Field Injury Victims Should Retain An Attorney With Significant Resources

Complex corporate oil companies and the presence of various contractors and subcontractors doing work at oil fields can make it difficult to identify potential defendants before the lawsuit must be filed. Naming multiple “John Does” as defendants allows counsel to add parties who are identified after the litigation begins. In this article, we will discuss the importance of selecting a law firm with the resources necessary to manage your oil field accident case. If you have been injured, we suggest contacting an attorney as soon as possible to preserve your legal rights.

Fort Worth residents should retain an injury lawyer with adequate financial resources

When an attorney is retained to handle a catastrophic and complex personal injury case in Fort Worth, they will typically take the case on a contingency fee basis. This means that they will incur all of the expenses related to your case during the process and be reimbursed for their fees and expenses when you settle or prevail at trial. In a complicated matter, the fees for your law firm’s services, expert witnesses, investigators, etc., can range into six or seven-figures as the complexity of a case increases. If one retains counsel without the financial resources necessary to pay such experts then there is a chance they will be without testimony that is needed to prove fault or damages.

Oil field accidents can be particularly expensive. Large corporate defendants employ teams of defense lawyers to represent them in these cases. They also have insurance companies, sometimes more than one, who employ their own teams of attorneys. When the case involves multiple defendants, it is not uncommon for dozens of lawyers to focus on the case for years. A single case can involve hundreds of court filings, which the plaintiff’s attorneys must review and respond to. Catastrophic oil field accidents often require the use of several experts to prove liability and the plaintiff’s damages. Furthermore, such cases also require an in-depth investigation into the facts surrounding the incident, which can add costs. It is best to retain a firm that employs its own investigator, in order to make sure that these issues are handled properly. At the very least, the firm should be able to afford to hire an investigative service.

Fort Worth oil field accident victims can benefit from hiring a firm which can devote multiple attorneys to their case

Victims and their families should consider retaining law firms with the personnel necessary to give their case the attention it deserves. Oil field accident litigation often involves lengthy and extensive discovery periods leading up to a trial. This means an abundance of court filings and many court hearings requiring the plaintiff’s lawyer to spend substantial time conducting legal research, writing briefs, attending depositions, and more. Also, as stated above, oil field accidents often involve defendants with an army of lawyers, multiplying the amount of work presented in a typical case. A firm with few attorneys may not be able to handle the workload such a case presents. By retaining a firm that can devote multiple attorneys to a case, you help to ensure that such issues are handled methodically and systematically. This is true regardless of whether you were injured in Fort Worth, Dallas, or elsewhere in Texas.

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