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What Should I Do After a Semi-Truck Accident?

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According to the American Trucking Association, trucks move roughly 72.5 percent of our nation’s freight, transporting 10.23 billion tons of freight in 2020. The 37.9 million trucks used to transport freight make up about 14 percent of all vehicles on the roadways. Unfortunately, more trucks on the highways and freeways mean more truck accidents. 

According to Forward Thinking, Texas topped the list as the deadliest state for large truck and bus crashes in 2019. There were 462 fatalities and another 7,399 serious injuries involving a semi-truck or bus in 2019, with a total of 12,523 semi-truck or bus crashes. A semi-truck can weigh up to 80,000 lbs. fully loaded and is often loaded with hazardous materials. 

Semi-truck accidents in Texas—and across the nation—often result in severe, even catastrophic injuries to those in the smaller passenger vehicle. These severe injuries can make it difficult to know what to do after a semi-truck accident, and difficult to get your life back on track. Additionally, determining liability is also much more complex in a semi-truck accident. 

This means it is even more important that you have a highly experienced Hurst truck accident attorney from Noteboom—The Law Firm by your side. Our highly-skilled truck injury attorneys have represented victims of various types of semi-truck accidents in the Hurst area and across the state of Texas since 1982. We have the resources to aggressively represent you, gather necessary evidence for your claim, and ensure your rights and your future are properly protected. 

Knowing What to Do After a Semi-Truck Accident in Hurst, Texas

Because injuries following a truck accident are often severe, it can be overwhelming to know what to do after a semi-truck accident. You may feel confused and anxious yet knowing the right actions to take can make a significant difference in the eventual outcome of your truck accident. First and foremost, you should contact the police, or have someone call 911. It is imperative that you have an official police report that will clearly detail the causes of the accident and, if known, the at-fault party. After the initial call for police and medical help has been made, you should do the following:

  • Tend to your own injuries and those of others involved in the accident. Even if you think you are “fine” following your truck accident, it is entirely possible that your injuries simply are hidden by the rush of adrenaline your body received during the accident. In particular, soft tissue injuries are not always immediately apparent as inflammation can take hours to develop. Having a doctor look you over following a truck accident can help uncover—and document—both immediate and late-onset injuries. Always follow any instructions given to you by a medical professional. 
  • If you are physically able following the truck accident, gather any evidence you can. Take photos with your cell phone of the scene of the collision, both vehicles and anything else that could support your claim against the at-fault party. If there were witnesses, obtain their contact information. 
  • Exchange information with the truck driver, including insurance information. Be polite, but do not volunteer any information, and do not even say “I’m sorry.” While you may mean you are sorry the accident occurred at all, such a comment can be misconstrued as an admission of responsibility for the accident. 
  • Once you are home, call your own insurance company. Give them the basic details of the accident. If you are contacted by the trucking company’s insurance, politely tell them you are getting an attorney and they will need to speak to him or her. 
  • Find a good truck insurance attorney. You can do this by asking for a referral from a friend, relative, or co-worker, or you can look online and make a list of a few truck attorneys you think might suit your needs. You can set up initial consultations with these attorneys to determine which one has the experience in truck accidents along with good reviews and references. Click here to read more about hiring a truck accident attorney that will best serve your needs.
  • Keep a file that contains all your medical expenses, including prescription drugs and traveling expenses if you have to travel a distance to see a specialist. Once you are home, jot down every single thing you can remember about the accident, no matter how small. In some cases, even the smallest detail can help your attorney build a solid case against the at-fault party. 

As well as things you should do following a Hurst semi-truck accident, there are a few things you should not do. Do not post anything about your truck accident on social media. If your case is disputed by the trucking company, their attorneys will almost certainly look through your social media accounts. Something you feel is inconsequential could hurt your claim. Never sign anything without speaking to your attorney. The insurance company may want to offer you a small settlement early on. It is to their advantage for you to sign off on it and take the money, but it is rarely ever in your best interests. Never admit fault to anyone, even if you think you might have been partially to blame for the accident. 

How a Skilled Hurst Truck Accident Attorney from Noteboom—The Law Firm Can Help

Knowing what to do after a truck accident can be difficult. This is why it is so important to have a truck accident attorney from Noteboom—The Law Firm by your side from start to finish. We can build a case against the driver, the company that owns the truck, or other liable parties (the loading company, maintenance company, or truck part manufacturer). The trucking company may be held liable for such things as negligent hiring, failure to properly train the driver, or failure to properly supervise the driver. We offer experienced, knowledgeable assistance following your truck accident. Contact Noteboom—The Law Firm today!   

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