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Handling Wrongful Death Cases in Fort Worth, Texas

Wrongful death cases involve the tragic loss of life as a result of the negligence of another party. These cases are perhaps the most litigated in all of personal injury law due to the high level of damages and large amounts of evidence typically involved. Our goal with this series is to help the victims of such a tragedy know what they should expect as the process moves forward.

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We will be addressing a number of topics over our next several posts. Subjects we will address include:

  • How damages are calculated and established in a wrongful death case
  • Punitive damages in a wrongful death case
  • The process of taking a wrongful death case to trial

These topics will center around issues which are unique in cases involving death. Damages can include many different things including economic loss suffered by family as well as pain and suffering involved in the incident. Punitive damages may be appropriate if the tragedy was caused by reckless or egregious conduct by the defendant. Hiring an attorney familiar with these issues and with the resources to handle a wrongful death case can be crucial to the outcome of the case.

When selecting a wrongful death attorney it is important that you select a firm which handles major injury cases and in which the lawyers have substantial experience. You should also determine whether the attorneys are board certified and whether the firm employs a full time investigator. Finally, you should determine whether the firm is large enough to advance court costs and whether the office can devote multiple attorneys to your case. This is true whether the tragedy occurred in counties including Tarrant, Dallas, Johnson, and Wise as well as Fort Worth, Hurst, Euless, Bedford, Haltom City, Richland Hills, North Richland Hills, Watauga, Grapevine, Colleyville, Southlake, Arlington, Keller, Grand Prairie, and Dallas.

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