Judge on the benchThis post is written to conclude and recap our series on the handling of Fort Worth, Texas pedestrian accident cases. We felt it necessary to write on this issue due to the confusion and uncertainty which many will experience after they, or a loved one, have been hit by an oncoming car. It is important to take the steps needed to protect your interests. The goal of our last several articles has been to provide information which will help individuals to more fully understand their options. It has also been our goal to provide information which will assist with the selection of a personal injury attorney. If you require help, then it is important to call a lawyer as soon as possible.

We addressed a number of topics over recent articles. The matters we discussed included:

It is important to understand these issues. First, many may not realize that a significant amount of time can pass in between the injury and the sending of a settlement demand to the defendant’s insurer. This is due to the fact that the victim’s long-term prognosis must first be ascertained. Second, if liability is in dispute, then it is crucial to gain proof of the defendant’s fault. The discovery process allows for the acquisition and accumulation of evidence which, in turn, can be used to establish liability. Finally, injury victims should be aware of the extent to which the defendant may go at trial to dispute liability.

One point we stressed throughout each of these articles is the need to retain a personal injury lawyer with the qualifications and resources necessary to handle such matters. It goes without saying that a pedestrian is no match for an oncoming car. A victim may very well suffer serious injuries, such as those involving brain trauma, paralysis, or spinal damage. When facing such circumstances, we suggest that one retain a firm in which the attorneys are Board Certified in Personal Injury Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. We also suggest that the firm have the resources necessary to retain any necessary experts, to fully investigate the matter, and to see your case through to completion. Fort Worth pedestrian accident victims can inquire of any firm, which they are considering retaining, whether they meet these criteria.