car smashed in frontOur first post in this series will discuss the handling of car collision cases in Fort Worth, Texas. According to the US Department of Transportation, there are over 5 million auto collisions each year with 3 million people suffering light to severe injuries from those collisions. Auto collisions remain one of the leading causes of injuries in the U.S. each year and many people have no idea what to do after having a wreck. Most people receive bad or incorrect advice from friends or family. The goal of this series is to provide information which will help you know what to expect from the process. This information should also assist you in selecting a personal injury lawyer. If injured through no fault of your own, then it is important to contact an attorney with experience handling vehicle collision cases as soon as possible.

We will be addressing several topics over the course of this series. Issues for analysis include:

  • Dealing with insurance companies after a car accident
  • How comparative fault can apply to car accident cases
  • Proving liability and damages at trial
  • Cases in which the defendant was uninsured or under insured

These are important topics to address for several reasons. First, insurance companies are often quick to contact an injury victim after an accident has occurred. It is not advisable to accept a quick “low ball” settlement. Second, a victim may be able to recover damages even if they were possibly at fault for the accident. Third, understanding the trial process is crucial to one’s case. Fourth, if the victim of an accident carried a UM/UIM policy then they may be able to gain compensation even of the negligent party lacked sufficient coverage.

If you get injured in a Fort Worth area car accident, then it is crucial that you speak with an attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney will immediately contact the insurance carriers and deal with them directly; allowing you to focus on the important business of getting healthy. When selecting a lawyer, it is advisable that you retain a firm in which the attorneys are board certified in personal injury law; this is our suggestion regardless of what area of Texas the collision occurred.