Oil horse at nightThis post concludes and recaps our series on the handling of oil field injury related cases in Fort Worth, Texas. We felt it necessary to write on this topic as, for obvious reasons, individuals may be unsure as to how they should proceed after they have been injured in an oil field or while on a rig. It is important to understand, however, that you must take immediate steps to protect your interests as such situations can result in serious injuries. The goal of our last several articles has been to provide information which will help you better understand your situation. We also hope that our last several articles will help people to make a more informed decision when it is time to select a personal injury lawyer. If you suffer an injury, you should contact an attorney immediately.

We have addressed several topics in our recent articles. Issues which we have analyzed include:

These are important topics to discuss. First, it is crucial to preserve all evidence of an accident. Your counsel’s investigator should make an immediate demand for preservation of the scene until it inspected properly. Second, there are several potentially responsible parties to such an accident. These can include the owner of the field, subcontractors, and other companies. Third, experts will be necessary to discuss whether or not the rig was operated using industry-compliant standards and in a safe manner. Fourth, knowing what to expect from the trial process will help to ensure that things go smoothly.

If you were involved in an oil-field related accident, then you may have suffered serious injuries. These can include head trauma, burns, and more. You will always be litigating against large corporate defendants with high-powered law firms and insurance companies behind them. Your best defense is a great offense.  You will need a law firm that can fight the big defendants; one which employs multiple attorneys and includes lawyers with board-certification in personal injury law and an on-staff investigator. Whether you are a resident of Fort Worth, Dallas, or elsewhere in the state of Texas, you need the right team to fight for your rights.