Chuck Noteboom Featured In The Fort Worth Weekly

Chuck Noteboom was featured in the Fort Worth Weekly in 2019. The following is an excerpt from the article:

We know Chuck Noteboom sues sex offenders, but why all the billboards?


And what about those sponsorships of events for The Women’s Center, The Child Study Center, and SafeHaven that we see on the billboards on all the freeways? How exactly is Mr. Noteboom involved with these agencies?


We talked to Chuck, and he told us the story behind his billboards: “I started doing billboards when I represented a boy who was sexually molested by an owner of an oil company who officed on the freeway. The SOB got a slick lawyer and got off with essentially a parking ticket. He never had to register as a sex offender! So I rented the billboard next to his property. Every morning on the way to work he saw ‘WE SUE SEX OFFENDERS.’ It took a year but we got him to move.”


We asked Noteboom, “Why all the charity sponsorships?” And he said, “I’m working on my karma.”


The WOMENS CENTER walk and run starts at 7am this Saturday, April 13th at Trinity Park. Chuck Noteboom, along with American Airlines, Verizon, and the BNSF Railroad have sponsored the event for years, and it draws thousands. Victory Over Violence is a premier signature Fort Worth charity classic, and we appreciate everyone who contributes in any way. Mr. Noteboom has entered the 5k and says he is “hoping to win the over-60 overweight division.”

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