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I have been confident in their integrity

From my first encounter with the investigator Mr. Herald, and every interaction with Mr. Boyle since, I have been confident in their integrity and their ability to help me. Their price was fair especially having heard other stories about other law firms. And I was especially put at ease by their commitment to not making more money than their clients. I highly recommend them!

-Barbara S.

Caring, highly experienced, expert Attorneys

I hired NOTEBOOM Law Firm to represent me when I was hit by a car and was severely injured. Attorney Charles NOTEBOOM and Attorney Tom Herald did a great job! They are caring, highly experienced, expert Attorneys who get the job done. I highly recommend NOTEBOOM Law Firm! NOTEBOOM Law Firm is THE BEST Personal Injury Law Firm there is!

-Tom B.

Satisfied with my legal team’s expertise

I wish that anyone that has unfortunately been involved in an accident chooses the Noteboom Law Firm. I was extremely fortunate to have been referred to the firm after suffering an horrific auto accident. After the initial consultation, the trial preparation was an exercise in fluidity. From beginning to the end, I was part of a team that made me feel and believe that I was well represented and that I had made the best decision. Brian Butcher and Glenda were so responsive and organized. Their pace in settling the case was not rushed or predicated notn getting money, but with making sure my medical treatment reached the point where we knew we had exhausted all treatments and understood that it was time to come to the table with our demands. I am very satisfied with my legal teams expertise and adequately happy with my final settlement. The most amazing thing for me is that I have found great people and consider them great friends always!

-Cheryl B.

Thanks to Noteboom my life was able to continue

Noteboom and its Associates are really there for you! After I got into a car accident I was lost and didn’t know where to begin. We saw a billboard and called… it was the best decision we’ve made. Thanks to Noteboom my life was able to continue. I knew my medical bills would be taken care of because they fought for me every step of the way! I WAS PUT FIRST! It took some time before we could settle, but when we did I was so thankful for them. They took care of everything from the hospital bills to the rehab. And I am so thankful for Mrs. Kathy Garcia, she was with me from the start and she treated me so kindly and professionally. (She was genuinely on my side.) I am so grateful for the hard work they did for me and my family!

If you are looking for a winning team, do not hesitate call and you will be glad you did!

-Alex M.

Tough case but they powered through it

I hired Noteboom Law Firm on a work accident case. it was a very tough case but they powered through it. My lawyers were very understanding, helpful, and gave me a lot of answers to the questions I had. I really recommend them. Thank you.

-Gerardo P.

They Made the Process Easy

Great law firm. They were very knowledgeable and made the process easy.

-Lynword M.

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