personal injury and gavelThis is the final post in a series of articles related to handling intersection accidents in Fort Worth, Texas. The previous article reviewed what to expect if the accident case proceeds to trial. As we have discussed throughout this series, intersection accidents often present a unique set of circumstances not seen in other types of collision cases. When one is seriously injured in a stop sign, stop light, or other cross-road accident, one should be prepared for a challenging case. The objective of this series has been to review common issues that arise following a serious intersection-related accident. If you have been injured and need assistance, we recommend that you contact a law firm as soon as possible after the accident to preserve your legal rights.

The following key topics have been discussed throughout this series:

These points will likely be relevant to your intersection accident dispute. First, unlike more straightforward car accident cases, intersection accident cases are fraught with disputes over liability. Multiple drivers and witnesses can complicate matters and create difficulties throughout the settlement and litigation processes. Second, it is important to remember that an insurance company representing the other party is not representing your best interests. Often, adjusters deny coverage or offer hasty settlement agreements to victims. Consulting with an attorney to manage this process on your behalf is often the best approach to preserving your legal rights. Third, establishing which driver or drivers are responsible for an intersection accident can be particularly challenging. In many cases, theories of comparative fault come into play. These elements may have a serious impact on your ability to recover damages. Fourth, expert witnesses play an important role in intersection accident cases. They are commonly involved in determining damages and helping to establish liability. Finally, if the case proceeds to trial, it is important to have a general understanding of what to expect during the litigation process.

Intersection accidents may result in catastrophic physical, emotional, and financial burdens on victims and their families. It is important, therefore, to contact an attorney as soon as possible after the collision to assist you through the legal process. When selecting a law firm to represent you, we suggest locating a firm with multiple attorneys who are board certified in personal injury law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. We also recommend law firms who employ on-site investigators and have the financial resources available to thoroughly manage your case, whether during settlement negotiations or at trial. These recommendations apply regardless of whether the incident took place in Fort Worth, Dallas, or another Texas area.