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Few things impact the quality of life like a spine injury. Damage to the spinal region can cause paralysis, paraplegia, other reductions in motor skills, and chronic pain. They can lead to an ongoing need for medical care, financial distress, and less enjoyment of one’s existence. If you have suffered such an injury, through no fault of your own, then it is crucial that you seek legal representation immediately. Our spine and back injury lawyers aggressively handle such matters in Hurst, Fort Worth, Dallas, as well as other Texas areas. Call our office today to speak with a spinal cord injury attorney.

How Does a Spine Injury Happen?

Damage to the back or spine can occur in a number of different ways. These include auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, pedestrian accidents, and injuries sustained while on a bicycle. They may also be the result of work-related injuries or harm suffered while on an oil field. Injuries may include damage to a vertebra, slipped or ruptured discs, or harm which is more serious. Recovering for back injuries requires showing that the damage was done from the accident rather than a pre-existing condition. In addition to liability, it is necessary to prove that all incurred surgeries were necessary and to establish the future cost of medical care. When such an injury has been suffered then it is crucial to retain a lawyer who has extensive experience in such matters and who is ready to see your case through to completion.

The first step in a case is for the Plaintiff’s lawyer to contact the insurance company. Once the victim’s damages can be reasonably calculated then counsel will send a “demand letter” to the insurer requesting a settlement. If a settlement cannot be met then it will be necessary to file a lawsuit. Your lawyer will accumulate evidence of the defendant’s negligence through sophisticated investigation. The case will conclude with a settlement or trial at which the jurors will decide issues of liability and damages. A victim will be able to recover damages as long as the jury finds they were no more than fifty percent responsible for the accident.

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The lawyers of Noteboom – The Law Firm aggressively represents residents of Hurst and other Texas areas who have suffered a spinal injury. Once retained we will immediately begin working with medical specialists to establish the extent of your injuries and future treatment. We may also retain a rehabilitation or economic expert to establish how the injury has impacted your future earning capacity. If the negligent party’s insurance company does not offer you a fair resolution then we will not hesitate to file a case with the Court and take your matter to trial. Our approach often makes the insurance carrier more serious about a settlement. Our attorneys will stay in regular contact with you throughout the process and will be available to answer your questions. Call today to speak with a spinal cord injury attorney. We also assist residents of Dallas and elsewhere.

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Our firm takes pride in its track record. Chuck Noteboom and Brian Butcher are Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. We only take a limited number of cases at a given time and only handle matters involving serious injuries such as spinal cord damage. Our lawyers regularly take matters to trial and our office has the resources to do so; we employ our own investigator rather than an outside service and all of our lawyers collaborate on the best way to handle a given case. If you have suffered an injury to your back then you need an experienced lawyer. We are ready to assist you.

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