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Recovering From the Devastation of Losing a Loved One

Nothing is worse in life than losing a loved one. A death caused by the wrongdoing of another leaves a deceased’s family with an emotional void. This grief is worsened by the extreme financial issues that can be caused by such a tragedy. While financial compensation cannot bring back a loved one, it can alleviate the financial burdens caused by another’s negligence. Our wrongful death lawyers handle cases in Fort Worth, Dallas, and in other areas of Texas. Call our office today to speak with the attorneys of Noteboom – The Law Firm.

How Does a Wrongful Death Case Work?

Wrongful death cases can stem from a defendant’s negligence or intentional misconduct. Such cases are commenced by filing a lawsuit. In order to hold someone responsible for another’s death, due to negligence, two things must be shown. First, it must be established that the offending party failed to live up to responsibility or duty. Second, it must be shown that the defendant’s failure to meet a responsibility is what caused the death. The defendant or defendants do not have to be entirely responsible for the accident in order for the deceased’s loved ones to recover. Under Texas law, the victims will be entitled to compensation as long as the deceased was less than fifty-one percent responsible for the incident.

Damages are established at trial once liability is proven. Calculations of compensation will be based on the conscious pain and suffering of the deceased (known as a “survival action”), financial support lost, the loss of companionship, funeral expenses, medical bills, and possibly the inclusion of punitive damages. Situations resulting in wrongful death cases may include auto accidents, trucking accidents, motorcycle wrecks, pedestrian accidents, and more. Such cases must typically be filed within two years of the death so it is important that the loved ones contact an attorney immediately. It is crucial that you hire a wrongful death lawyer who is familiar with the process.

Noteboom – The Law Firm handles wrongful death cases in Fort Worth, Dallas, as well as in other parts of Texas. Once retained we will contact the defendant’s insurance company so that they may deal with us directly. If a settlement cannot be reached then we will file a lawsuit and begin litigation. We will use the discovery process to accumulate proof of the other party’s negligence. This proof may include employment records, work history, driving history, medical documents, etc. We will ensure that you and your loved ones are prepared to attend the trial and that you know what to expect from the process. We are proud of our track record in these types of cases. This is why we tell potential clients that if they can find another firm with credentials more impressive than ours then they should hire them. Contact us online or by telephone today to schedule an initial consultation. Call today, a wrongful death lawyer is ready to help you.

Texas Law Firm Experienced in Injury & Accident Cases

Chuck Noteboom and Brian Butcher are Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and have been handling wrongful death cases in Texas for many years. Our firm has gained a notable reputation throughout the state for handling catastrophic loss cases. We recognize the gravity of cases that involve wrongful death or serious injury which is why we only accept large-scale matters. Our firm has the financial resources to see such cases through to completion and we regularly go to trial. We employ our own investigator, rather than using outside resources, and our attorneys take a collaborative approach to solving problems that have yielded results. If your family has been through a horrible wrong then do not risk the future to a lesser experienced law firm. We have the ability to front expert fees and court costs which can run from $100,000 to $1,000,000. Call our office today.

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