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Victims can find their lives decimated once they have been injured on a motorcycle. Even if one is wearing a helmet, they are essentially defenseless to the might of an oncoming vehicle. It goes without saying that such cases tend to be very serious in nature and that those injured will face significant struggles. If you or a loved one has been injured while riding a motorcycle then it is crucial that you seek legal representation immediately. Noteboom – The Law Firm handles such cases in Hurst and throughout other areas of Texas. A motorcycle accident attorney from Noteboom is ready to assist you. Call today to speak with a personal injury lawyer.

Helping Hurst Motorcycle Accident Victims Recover Medical Expenses as Well as Pain & Suffering

Few people are as vulnerable as motorcycle riders when hit by a car. Such accidents can result in head trauma, spinal injuries, paralysis, or even wrongful death. Insurance companies aggressively defend such claims as they often do not want to pay out large sums for medical expenses, lost income, or pain and suffering. Proving damages is a critical portion in any catastrophic loss case. Factors that will be typically looked into, in order to prove the value of your case, include:

  • The extent to which one may require ongoing medical care after an accident
  • The reduction of one’s ability to earn a living in the future as well as current missed time from work
  • Establishing the value of any reduction in quality of life due to the accident
  • Establishing the value of emotional harm to your loved ones as a result of the accident

Proving these types of facts will often require the use of medical and vocational experts. Hiring a motorcycle accident attorney who is familiar with this area of law, and who have the resources to see the case through to completion, is crucial. Such resources may include the ability to front up to $1,000,000 for expert fees and court costs.

The first step in a motorcycle accident case is to ascertain the extent to which a victim has been harmed. Once the amount of harm is known then the Plaintiff’s lawyer may send a settlement demand to the insurance company. If a settlement cannot be reached then the case will proceed to litigation. Under Texas’ comparative fault laws a victim may recover at trial as long as he or she was less than fifty one percent responsible for the accident. The trial is a complicated process and it is crucial that victims retain competent counsel.

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Noteboom – The Law Firm exclusively handles serious injury cases in Hurst, Fort Worth, Dallas, and other parts of Texas. We handle only a select number of cases at a time and regularly take cases to trial. We differ from many smaller firms, who lack the resources to handle large cases, as we have an on-staff investigator, a team of attorneys who take a team based approach to resolving cases, and we have the financial backing to see your case through to completion. Once retained we will immediately contact the defendant’s insurer and deal with them directly. If a reasonable settlement offer is not made then we will not hesitate to file a lawsuit on your behalf. We will employ the necessary experts and evaluators to make sure your case is handled properly. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation with our motorcycle accident attorneys.

Texas Injury Team With Experience Fighting for Motorcycle Accident Victims

Chuck Noteboom and Brian Butcher are Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. They bring this level of experience to each and every case. Our attorneys hold regular meetings to discuss the cases being handled by our office. This team-based approach, combined with our experience, has resulted in what we believe to be an excellent reputation in the Hurst, Texas area. This is why we often tell potential clients that if they can find a law firm with more impressive credentials then they should hire such a firm.

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