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Helping You Move Forward Following a Catastrophic Injury

Serious injuries have a catastrophic impact on one’s future. Much of this impact is obvious. The sudden loss of motor skills, such as the ability to walk, can leave one unable to work, unable to care for their children, and otherwise unable to enjoy life. There is also the impact that such injuries will have on family members and friends. The victim’s loved ones will have to devote their time to caring for one’s health and future. While financial compensation cannot make the injury go away, it can alleviate the loss of income, the costs of care, and provide compensation for pain and suffering. Our team handles catastrophic loss cases in Hurst, Fort Worth, Dallas, and throughout the state of Texas. Call our office today to speak with a Hurst catastrophic injury attorney.

Hurst Catastrophic Injury Practice Areas

There are a number of situations in which people are seriously harmed through no fault of their own. These instances can arise through negligence as well as the intentional acts of others. Typical types of catastrophic loss cases handled by our office include:

Each of these case types can result in a decrease to one’s quality of life. One may suddenly be unable to perform their job, unable to otherwise earn a living, and may require long-term medical care. This level of care can mean more than just hospital bills. Ensuring treatment may mean having to hire in-home staff, traveling to visit medical specialists for appointments, and specialized equipment. Unfortunately, insurance companies and corporations will typically value their bottom line over the life of one who has been injured. Hiring a Hurst catastrophic injury attorney who regularly handles catastrophic loss cases will be crucial to one’s future in such a situation.

What Will Negotiating My Personal Injury Case Settlement Be Like?

The Hurst catastrophic injury lawyers of Noteboom – The Law Firm handle large scale personal injury cases. Once retained we will immediately work to ascertain all available insurance coverage in the case. This is necessary as there are sometimes more possible defendants than a victim may realize. We will then inform the insurance carriers that they will be dealing with us directly. This allows you to focus on the important part of getting on with life. If the matter is not promptly settled then we will not hesitate to take your case to court. We regularly take matters to trial and are proud of the reputation we have gained in the Hurst area.  We are easy to settle with but tough to beat. If you or a loved one have suffered a serious injury then contact our lawyers today. We also service Dallas and other parts of Texas.

Hire a Hurst Catastrophic Injury Attorney Near You

Chuck Noteboom and Brian Butcher are Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and only handle cases involving a catastrophic loss. The reason that our office only handles a relatively small number of cases at any given time is our recognition that such matters require a great deal of attention. We employ our own investigator, rather than using an outside service, and our attorneys regularly meet and discuss strategies on how to proceed in a given matter. Our attorneys are proud of the results our team-based approach has yielded. This is why we regularly tell potential clients that should compare credentials before they hire another firm.

If you are a Texas resident, then we are ready to assist you. Contact our office today for an initial consultation.

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