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Bedford, Texas is a city located between Dallas and Fort Worth, in northeast Tarrant County. Bedford has a population of approximately 50,000. According to City Data, in 2019 there were four fatalities in Bedford because of car accidents, including one pedestrian killed in a car accident. Being involved in a car accident can be a frightening, anxiety-filled experience. Many victims of car accidents are left injured, perhaps unable to work due to the negligence of another driver. Medical bills can mount alarmingly, and those unable to work may not even be able to pay their regular living expenses. It can be a frustrating, stressful time. That stress can be significantly alleviated when you speak to a knowledgeable Bedford car accident attorney. Having a strong advocate in your corner can make all the difference in the outcome of your car accident.

At Noteboom—The Law Firm, we understand what you are going through. We work hard for residents in the Ft Worth-Dallas area, and other areas throughout the state of Texas. If you have experienced devastating consequences resulting from the negligence of another driver, Noteboom—The Law Firm, can help.

How Do Car Accidents Typically Happen?

Perhaps you are on your way to dinner with friends, or on your way home after a fun evening of axe-throwing at Drengr Axe-Throwing. You and your family could be on your way to the Bedford Farmer’s Market, or to Adventure World Park. Or, you could simply be on your way to work, or out running errands. Nobody ever expects to be involved in a car accident, yet on average, there are 16,438 car accidents each and every day in the United States. Of course, not all of these accidents are severe, but plenty of them are.

The most common factors associated with car accidents include:

  1. Distracted driving;
  2. Impaired driving;
  3. Exceeding the speed limit;
  4. Reckless driving;
  5. Inclement weather;
  6. Ignoring traffic signals;
  7. Night driving/low visibility;
  8. Teen drivers, and
  9. Tailgating.

Distracted driving could be one of the most common causes of car accidents, as drivers attempt to multi-task while driving. Eating, turning around to see what the children are doing or picking up a toy, talking on cell phones, texting, fiddling with car controls, and even daydreaming are all types of distracted driving that can cause an accident. Exceeding the speed limit is another common cause of car accidents, along with other reckless driving behaviors. No matter the cause of your auto accident, an experienced Bedford car accident attorney can help!

Can a Bedford Car Accident Attorney Help Me Obtain Equitable Compensation for My Accident?

If your car accident in Bedford, TX was serious, you could find yourself struggling financially. You may be unable to pay your medical bills, unable to work, and may not even be able to obtain the medical treatments necessary to get better. The insurance company may be balking at paying you a fair settlement—an amount that will truly pay for your expenses associated with your car accident.

Texas is considered a “fault” insurance system, meaning the at-fault driver (or his or her insurance company) is responsible for the accident, and therefore, required to pay. The at-fault driver is defined as the driver at least 51 percent responsible for the accident. While determining fault can seem straightforward, in some cases, it can be much more complex. You may be entitled to the following types of compensation following your accident:

  • Any emergency care you received following the accident;
  • Surgical procedures due to the accident;
  • Long-term hospital care;
  • Rehabilitative therapies;
  • Medications associated with your injuries;
  • Lost income during your recovery;
  • Lost future income if you are unable to return to your job;
  • Loss of companionship;
  • Pain and suffering, and
  • Mental anguish.

Having an experienced Bedford car accident attorney working on your behalf can ensure you receive the compensation you need and are entitled to.

What’s the Best Way to Settle a Bedford, TX Car Accident Claim?

The very best way to settle a Bedford, TX car accident claim is to immediately contact an experienced car accident attorney from Noteboom—The Law Firm. We will fight for your rights from the moment we take your case, ensuring you are not taken advantage of by an insurance company. We employ our own in-house investigator to get to the bottom of your car accident.

We will gather all pertinent evidence, presenting that evidence in the best way possible. While we are highly skilled negotiators, we are always ready and able to take a car accident case to trial when necessary. We also have relationships with various experts, along with the ability to front expert fees and court costs on behalf of our clients.

What if My Car Accident Is My Fault?

Following your car accident in Bedford, TX, you may be anxious, thinking you are at least partially to blame for the accident. First of all, never admit fault in a car accident. Let the police, your insurance company, and your attorney do their job, determining who the responsible party in the accident really is. As noted, Texas is a “fault” state, meaning the driver that is 51 percent or more responsible for the accident will be deemed responsible.

So, while you may have been exceeding the speed limit, if the driver that hit you ran a red light, he or she may be deemed the responsible party. When you contact your insurance company following the accident, tell them what happened as simply as possible, but again, avoid saying you were speeding or were engaging in any other type of careless driving behavior.

Should I Consult a Bedford Car Accident Attorney?

You may wonder whether you really need a Bedford car accident attorney following your accident. Unless your accident is nothing more than a very minor bump-in where nobody was hurt and the damages to your car are less than $1,000, the short answer is “yes,” you do need an experienced car accident attorney. Many unexpected things can happen following a car accident.

You deserve the time to heal from your injuries while your attorney looks out for your best interests. After all, who really wants to deal with an insurance company bent on paying you the least amount possible? At Noteboom—The Law Firm, we never treat your accident as “just another car crash.” We aggressively represent residents of Bedford, Texas, and want to be the car accident lawyer in Bedford you need and deserve! Contact Noteboom—The Law Firm today!

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