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Texting and driving can be extremely dangerous, often leading to serious accidents. According to the National Association of State Head Injury Administrators (NASHIA), nearly 390,000 injuries occur each year from accidents caused by texting and driving. One out of every four car accidents in the United States is the result of texting and driving. When a driver answers a text, their attention is taken away from the road for about five seconds. Since an accident can happen in a mere instant, texting and driving is an extremely dangerous behavior for drivers.   

If you have suffered serious injuries as a result of a driver who was texting, you may feel anxious about your future, even overwhelmed. While these feelings are normal, it can be extremely helpful to have a strong legal advocate in your corner. When you have a highly skilled Fort Worth texting and driving accident lawyer from Noteboom—the Law Firm, you have taken a solid step toward safeguarding your future.    

Why Should You Choose a Fort Worth Texting and Driving Accident Lawyer from Noteboom—The Law Firm?

At Noteboom—The Law Firm, we deal with serious, catastrophic injury cases throughout the state of Texas. We take on fewer cases than many other law firms our size so that we can ensure our clients receive a high level of personal attention—and are satisfied with the services we provide. Our attorneys are highly experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled. These attributes will help you get the results you need. We have the necessary resources to meticulously investigate your accident, then carefully build a case on your behalf that will result in the best settlement possible.   

Our legal team has confidence in our ability to help you through this difficult time that comes from our long history of success. We regularly take cases to trial, so we prepare every case as though it were going to trial.   

Overview of Texting and Driving 

According to Bankrate, while 48 states have texting and driving laws in place, many Americans nonetheless text and drive on a daily basis. Texting and driving is truly one of those things that most Americans agree is dangerous—yet still believe they can do it safely.  On any given day in our nation, it is estimated that more than 660,000 drivers are talking on their cell phones, reading a text, or sending a text.   

While these figures decreased marginally between 2019 and 2020, it is estimated that at least 3,000 people die each year from texting and driving. Among drivers 18 to 24, a full 60 percent admit to emailing or texting while driving. Texting and driving studies have found that texting while behind the wheel has the same effect on your reaction time as drinking four beers in a single hour.     

Why Is Texting and Driving Dangerous? 

Texting and driving involves three types of distractions: manual distraction (both hands are not on the steering wheel), visual distraction (your eyes are not on the road), and cognitive distraction (you are thinking about the text rather than the drivers around you). Sending or reading a text takes your eyes away from the road for at least five seconds. While this may not sound like a lot of time, at 55 mph, you could travel the entire length of a football field in 5 seconds. Imagine the dangers you could miss in that five-second span of time. Consider this: texting while driving is six times more likely to cause an accident than driving drunk. Drivers are simply unable to drive safely unless their full attention is on their driving. If you’ve been injured in an accident caused by a texting driver, contact an attorney from Noteboom—The Law Firm today for experience, knowledge, and compassion.   

What are the Texting and Driving Laws in Texas? 

Beginning September 1, 2017, it became illegal in the state of Texas to text while driving. A first offense of texting and driving is punishable by a fine of up to $99. There are no restrictions on using a GPS navigation system, internet, or music programs like Spotify. Until this new ban on texting and driving, cell phone use was only prohibited for drivers under the age of 18, bus drivers, and drivers with learner’s permits. The state also restricted the use of cell phones used in school zones.   

Texas is actually one of the last states to implement a texting and driving ban, joining 47 other states with similar legislation. Exceptions to the text and drive ban include allowing the use of hands-free devices, reporting illegal activity or requesting emergency help by using a cell phone, and relaying information to a dispatcher through a device affixed to the vehicle. The texting and driving ban restricts the seizure or inspection of a driver’s cell phone and prohibits the DMV from assigning points to the driver’s license for a texting and driving offense. A driver may not text while at a stop light or stop sign under this law.      

Can You Sue Someone for Injuries Caused by a Texting and Driving Accident? 

It can be difficult to prove that the driver who hit you was texting at the time and that the texting was the cause of the accident. You will need strong evidence that proves the negligent driver was using their phone in the moments prior to the accident. If you are lucky, there may be eyewitness testimony—another person or persons saw the driver using their phone prior to the accident. If there were eyewitnesses to the accident, it is extremely important that you obtain their contact information.   

Cellphone records can show whether the driver was texting or making a call, along with the exact time and date. These records can be hard to procure—your attorney will likely need to file a subpoena to force the cell phone company to provide this information. Finally, if you were on a city street, there may be surveillance camera footage that can show the driver who hit you was texting while driving. An experienced Fort Worth texting and driving accident lawyer can help prove the other driver was texting at the time of your accident through a comprehensive investigation.     

Getting the Help You Need from Noteboom—The Law Firm 

To get the help you need following your Fort Worth texting and driving accident, reach out to the highly experienced legal team at Noteboom—The Law Firm. We have been helping people just like you since 1982. We provide exemplary representation for each and every client. We understand what a difficult situation you are in right now, and will work hard to ensure you receive proper medical treatment and receive a full and fair settlement. The Noteboom attorneys will stay in close contact with you throughout the process, never leaving you hanging or wondering what’s happening with your case. We are always 100 percent prepared for any twists and turns your case may take, and if we need to go to court to secure a fair settlement, we are ready to do so. Contact Noteboom—The Law Firm today.  

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