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Being involved in an accident with a delivery vehicle is somewhat similar to being in an accident with a commercial truck. What this means is that it can be much more difficult to determine liability when you are hit by a delivery vehicle. Was it the driver’s fault, the fault of the company that employs the driver, or the maintenance company, or was there a flaw in the vehicle or vehicle part that caused the accident? Because delivery trucks are larger than normal passenger vehicles, you are also more likely to have more severe injuries.  

All these things can make it more confusing to know what you should do following a Fort Worth delivery vehicle accident. But how common are accidents involving delivery vehicles? What we do know is that since 2020 when Covid started, there have been significantly more delivery vehicles on the roadways. Today, that trend has continued, with more people than ever getting grocery deliveries, Amazon deliveries, and deliveries from other big retailers.  

According to, since 2012, the number of crashes involving UPS vehicles has increased by 38 percent, the number of crashes involving DHL Express vehicles has increased by 100 percent, and the number of crashes involving FedEx vehicles has increased by 254 percent. Further, the USPS reported in 2017 that 15.43 percent of their delivery vehicles were involved in an accident during that year.  

This is not something you should have to face alone. If you have sustained severe or catastrophic injuries following an accident with a delivery vehicle that was not your fault, you need serious help, and you need it immediately. At Noteboom—The Law Firm, we understand that you are anxious about your future and unsure of what you need to do to safeguard your future. We are ready to launch an exhaustive investigation into your accident to prove liability, then hold the insurance company accountable by ensuring they pay you a full and fair settlement amount.   

Why Choose a Fort Worth Delivery Vehicle Accident Attorney from Noteboom—The Law Firm? 

As noted, delivery vehicle accidents can be more difficult than an accident between two passenger vehicles. Your injuries may be severe, resulting in an inability to return to work and potentially an inability to pay your medical expenses. Even those with health insurance could quickly exceed their policy limits when the injuries are severe. When you retain Noteboom—The Law Firm, we will immediately contact the liable parties and deal with them or their representatives directly.  

We are unique in that we work as a cohesive legal team on behalf of each client. Additionally, we have the resources necessary to aggressively gather the necessary evidence, identify the liable party, and represent you, whether through negotiations or a trial. We make sure that we are always 100 percent prepared to go to trial, which means we are always aware and are always prepared for any eventuality.  

Delivery vehicle accidents can involve a huge amount of evidence, including hiring records, drug test history, any past violations of the delivery truck company, and information on hiring and training. Our legal team will build a case against the driver as well as the delivery company if negligent hiring or failure to properly supervise and train is an issue. Don’t risk your future with a law firm that lacks our level of experience and knowledge. Click here to read more about hiring a truck accident attorney that will best suit your needs. 

What Are the Differences Between a Delivery Vehicle Accident and a Passenger Vehicle Accident?

Delivery vehicles are usually (but not always) bigger than normal passenger vehicles. Consider the large brown delivery trucks belonging to UPS or the larger FedEx delivery trucks. Today, there are also Amazon deliveries made by private individuals in their own personal vehicles and food deliveries made in personal vehicles (like DoorDash). When your delivery is made by an individual in their private vehicle, the accident may be more or less complex, depending on the circumstances.  

If you are hit by a DoorDash, UberEats, or GrubHub driver, liability may lie directly with the driver, or if the driver is on duty in the process of delivering a food order, liability could possibly be shared with the company. For instance, DoorDash provides excess auto liability insurance for its drivers (medical expenses up to $1,000,000), but this insurance only applies to accidents that occur while the driver is on an active delivery.  

If you are hit by an Amazon delivery driver who is driving his or her own vehicle, whether you can sue Amazon for your injuries will depend on the relationship between Amazon and the driver. If the driver is considered an employee, you could have a lawsuit against Amazon, but if the driver is considered an independent contractor, the lines become much fuzzier. It is crucial that you have an experienced Fort Worth delivery vehicle accident attorney from Noteboom—The Law Firm to help you prove liability and go after the responsible party.   

What Causes Delivery Vehicle Accidents?

Most delivery drivers are on a tight schedule. The driver, as well as the company, make more money the more deliveries are made. Unfortunately, this means that delivery drivers may be more likely to exceed the speed limit or do other reckless things that can cause an accident. Many of the drivers delivering food are young, and younger drivers are statistically more inexperienced and more likely to make driving errors or drive while distracted. When you add in the fact that the drivers are under time pressures and probably driving on unfamiliar roads, you can see why delivery driver vehicle accidents are becoming more and more common.  

What Types of Damages are Available Following a Delivery Vehicle Accident? 

Your damages will be determined by the facts surrounding your accident and the extent of your injuries. However, the following are the “typical” damages:  

  • Medical expenses, including ambulance costs, physician expenses, surgical costs, the cost of prescription drugs, and rehabilitative therapy expenses.  
  • Lost wages 
  • Lost future wages 
  • Pain and suffering, which includes actual physical pain as well as emotional pain and trauma

Lost wages and medical expenses (both current and future) are considered economic damages because you can place an exact financial number on them. Pain and suffering damages are considered non-economic damages because they are more difficult to quantify.  

Fort Worth Delivery Vehicle Accident Attorney

At Noteboom—The Law Firm, we want to ensure that you receive a full settlement that will cover all your damages. Many insurance companies offer a quick, low settlement that doesn’t begin to cover the actual damages. Our legal team will step in immediately, taking over negotiations with the insurance company after calculating exactly what your damages are worth. This gives you the time you need to heal from your injuries without worrying about the financial side of the accident.   

We have been practicing injury law since 1982, which gives us extensive experience, knowledge, and a great reputation in the industry—all of which are beneficial to you following a Fort Worth delivery vehicle accident. We have an on-staff investigator who will exhaustively investigate your accident, determining liability beyond a shadow of a doubt. Don’t wait, and don’t try to handle your accident on your own. Contact Noteboom—The Law Firm today.  

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