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Selecting An Attorney To Handle Your Fort Worth, Texas Wrongful Death Case

It is somewhat common for defense attorneys to request a bifurcated trial and such an arrangement is generally not in the best interests of the Plaintiff. It is important that you retain a lawyer who is experienced in opposing such requests. In this article we will discuss several issues which you should consider when you are selecting counsel for the handling of your case. We cannot stress enough the fact that you should retain representation immediately in order to ensure that your rights remain protected.

Wrongful death cases can require your attorney to expend significant time and resources. This time commitment stems from the fact that such cases often involve multiple defendants. This means that your counsel will be handling litigation which involves several different entities. Each of these entities will have the ability to file Motions, to propound discovery, and to engage in other acts meant to defend the interests of their particular clients. Your lawyer, in turn, will have to respond to Motions and discovery from each of these defendants. Likewise, your counsel will have to prepare their own discovery to send to each of the defendants.

It is also common for a Plaintiff’s counsel to have to expend significant money in their handling of a wrongful death case. This is due to the fact that a Plaintiff’s lawyer will pay all costs associated with the case “up front” and will not be reimbursed unless the case is won. It is not uncommon for these up front costs to be in excess of six figures, if not seven figures. These costs include the fees associated with expert witnesses, medical examinations, and the services of other professionals. If you hire a firm without the financial backing necessary to hire these professionals then you run the risk of your case not being handled properly.

Finally, it is important that you retain a firm which is experienced in handling wrongful death cases. These types of matters are highly complex and no two cases are the same. By retaining attorneys experienced in such matters you improve the chances that your counsel will be familiar with the type of situation which you are facing. For these reasons, as well as those explained above, we suggest that you contact a Fort Worth firm which has significant financial resources, which employs an on staff investigator, and which employs multiple experienced attorneys.

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