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Proving Responsibility in a Fort Worth Trucking Accident

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If you’ve been involved in a Fort Worth trucking accident, you may be injured, and perhaps unable to return to work and make a living. Proving responsibility in a trucking accident can feel like an overwhelming task when you are struggling physically and financially. Compared to “typical” car accidents, trucking accidents can be particularly severe, given the disparity in size between an 80,000-pound fully loaded semi-truck and a 3,000-pound passenger vehicle. In many cases, the injuries are catastrophic or fatal. You could be unable to return to work, and therefore having difficulties paying your normal monthly expenses—not to mention your medical expenses as well. Your injuries could, in some cases, alter your life forever. 

During a time like this, it is essential that you have a strong Fort Worth trucking accident attorney from Noteboom—The Law Firm in your corner. We will be your advocate, fighting passionately for a full and fair settlement on your behalf. At Noteboom—The Law Firm, our legal team never allows a big insurance company to take advantage of our clients. We will comprehensively evaluate the facts and circumstances surrounding your trucking accident, then calculate a settlement amount that will fully cover all of your damages. Whether through negotiations or litigation, we are always 100 percent prepared to zealously fight for you and your family.  

How Does Responsibility Differ Between a Car Accident and a Semi or 18-Wheeler Trucking Accident?

When you’ve been in an accident with another driver in a passenger vehicle, usually there are just the two of you involved. While the injuries can be serious, they are typically not as catastrophic as when a semi-truck is involved. It is usually clear that one driver is at fault for the car accident, which tends to make getting payment for your damages a bit more straightforward. The responsibility for a trucking accident is often much murkier. There can be more than one liable party, and it is essential that your Fort Worth trucking accident attorney is well-versed in holding all responsible parties liable. 

What Are the Parties That Can Be Held Responsible in a Trucking Accident?

Unlike a car accident with two passenger vehicles, there are many different parties that can be held liable for your trucking accident. The truck driver could have been driving in a careless or reckless manner to cause the accident or could have been impaired, distracted, or overly fatigued. Sometimes a driver is new and inexperienced, which could also contribute to a trucking accident. In some cases, drivers may exceed their allowable hours of driving, causing them to be extremely fatigued or sleepy. If the trucking company was aware that the driver was exceeding the federal allowable hours of service, then the company could be held liable for the accident. The trucking company might also be held liable if it failed to do a thorough background check on the driver, or knowingly placed a poorly trained driver behind the wheel. 

Some trucking accidents are the result of faulty brakes or bad tires. Most trucking companies have a maintenance department, or they outsource the maintenance for their trucks. If the maintenance company was not doing its job, then some liability could lie with the trucking company or the outside maintenance company. If the accident was the result of shifting cargo or cargo that fell from the truck, then the loading company could bear some responsibility. 

In other cases, a trucking accident can be the result of a faulty truck part. If this is the case, your Fort Worth trucking accident attorney may additionally file a product liability claim. Attorneys that handle trucking accidents must have a wide range of knowledge regarding the potentially liable parties and must have the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to hold all parties that contributed to the accident responsible. 

What Happens if There Are Multiple Groups Responsible for the Accident?

Our legal team will conduct a comprehensive investigation of your accident with the goal of proving responsibility in a trucking accident. Perhaps the driver of the truck was violating federal regulations for rest periods when it became necessary to make a sudden maneuver to miss a car in front of him or her. Because the driver was overly fatigued, there was a lag in response time. Further, when the driver did make the maneuver, the poorly loaded cargo shifted suddenly to one side, causing the truck to roll over on top of a passenger vehicle. 

In this instance, the truck driver, the trucking company, and the loading company can all be held liable for the accident and resulting damages.  Your attorney will definitively prove that you were not at fault for the accident—and which parties were responsible.  It’s normal for a trucking company to “circle the wagons” quickly, so to speak, to shift the blame to anyone other than itself. At Noteboom—The Law Firm, we will ensure this does not happen, and work hard to hold the liable parties accountable.  

How Can You Prove Responsibility Following a Trucking Accident?

While proving responsibility in a trucking accident can seem like an overwhelming task, the Noteboom legal team has successfully proven liability in trucking accidents hundreds of times. Our skilled attorneys know every trick that big insurance companies often employ. We know that the insurance policies covering semi-trucks can be as much as $1 million, or even more. 

With stakes this high, you can expect the insurer to aggressively defend the policy. Our attorneys will be just as aggressive at getting you the settlement you need and deserve, whether through negotiation or litigation. We prepare every case in a comprehensive manner so that it is always ready to go to trial. This works in your favor—whether your case settles or goes to trial.  

How Can Noteboom—The Law Help in Proving Responsibility for a Trucking Accident?

At Noteboom—The Law Firm, we are so confident in our ability to go the distance for each and every client, that we tell potential clients, “If you can find a better law firm, hire them.” After decades of focusing on catastrophic personal injury claims, we have a deep understanding of the intricacies involved. If you need a high-quality personal injury attorney in the aftermath of your Fort Worth trucking accident, contact Noteboom—The Law Firm. 

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