Judge reading documentThis is the final post in a series of articles discussing issues which commonly arise in Fort Worth, Texas personal injury cases when the victim is paralyzed. Given the unique issues that paralysis cases create, we thought it was important to explore these more fully for the benefit of clients and their families. Understanding what to expect from a potentially lengthy lawsuit will help manage the expectations of the parties involved. The objective of this series has been to provide information which will assist victims through the process. Another goal has been to provide guidance about selecting a personal injury lawyer with the resources and experience to represent your interests. If you or a loved one have been paralyzed in an accident then it is imperative that you contact an attorney immediately.

This series addressed the following topics:

Following a serious injury accident, victims and their families may not know what to expect. In complex cases, such as injuries causing paralysis, additional questions may arise. It is important to understand how your case may be impacted for a variety of reasons. First, if the accident was caused by more than one party’s negligence, it will be essential to identify all potential defendants. This commonly occurs in trucking accidents or workplace incidents where commercial entities are involved. Failing to name all of the parties can result in a victim not receiving the full amount to which they are entitled. Second, paralysis cases are inherently complicated from a medical perspective. Understanding the medical diagnosis and full ramifications of the injuries sustained may take a significant period of time. Victims and their families must be aware in advance that the potential for settling a claim or filing and concluding litigation may also be a lengthy one. Third, a common defense strategy is to request a bifurcated trial. This is based on an argument that the jury may be prejudiced by the extent and severity of the victim’s injuries and will therefore be biased when determining liability. Experienced counsel will understand how to respond to such a request. Finally, the choice of counsel in paralysis cases may seriously impact your case. It is important to retain a law firm with adequate resources, both financially and in terms of personnel, to represent your interests. It is also essential to work with a law firm willing to litigate your case if settlement cannot be achieved.

If you or a loved one has been paralyzed in an accident, we recommend contacting a lawyer as soon as possible. Residents should contact a firm with multiple attorneys, an in-house investigator and adequate financial resources. This is true in Fort Worth and elsewhere in Texas.