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Keller, Texas is a city in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex in Tarrant County. With a population of close to 50,000, Keller is the 74th most populous city in Texas. With 11 park sites and 23 miles of hiking and biking trails, Keller claims to balance big-city comforts with small-town charm. A significant draw for Keller is nearby Trinity River. Some of the fun activities in Keller for tourists and residents alike include Tornado Terry’s, Keller Farmer’s Market, and Keller’s Moviehouse and Eatery. Unfortunately, a personal injury can occur anywhere, at any time. If you are the victim of a personal injury due to the negligence of another person or entity, you could benefit from speaking to an experienced personal injury attorney in Keller.

Noteboom—The Law Firm, is a knowledgeable personal injury law firm that can handle a wide variety of personal injuries. We understand what it’s like to be injured, through no fault of your own. You are left with a mountain of medical bills and possibly even the inability to return to work. It’s a frightening, stressful time and we want to help. Our attorneys have been handling catastrophic loss cases since 1982. We are always prepared to try every single case that we take. Because we are not afraid to litigate any personal injury claim, we have gained the respect of the insurance companies we deal with. We expect a solid settlement for our clients and will work tirelessly to achieve that goal.

What is a Personal Injury Claim and How Does a Keller Personal Injury Attorney Handle it?

A personal injury claim arises when one person suffers harm from an accident, and someone else is responsible for the accident and resulting injuries. The responsible party—whether a person, a business, an organization, or another entity—is liable for the medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages associated with the accident. Personal injury claims are virtually always formalized through a personal injury attorney. Although you could theoretically file your own personal injury claim. This is a complex area of the law and one you really should trust to an experienced, knowledgeable personal injury attorney in Keller.

Your attorney will usually work with an insurance company in an attempt to settle your claim out of court, but it is important that your attorney be well-versed in taking a personal injury claim to trial. Particularly in catastrophic personal injury claims, your attorney can ensure your medical expenses and lost wages are not only paid for the expenses to date but also that you are assured payment for future medical expenses and future lost wages. The goal of your personal injury attorney is to find the responsible party legally liable, whether through an informal settlement or a lawsuit.

There are many laws governing personal injury claims, including the statutes of limitations. This is the window of time you have to bring your lawsuit. The statutes of limitations vary from state to state; in the state of Texas, the statutes of limitations for personal injury claims are two years from the time of the event—or the time you discovered the injuries or could reasonably have been expected to discover the injuries. The most common type of personal injury claim is auto accident claims. Generally, those involved in an auto accident know fairly quickly if the accident left them injured. As you can see, the complexities of a personal injury claim are more than most adults can handle, particularly if they are severely injured. The attorneys at Noteboom—The Law Firm, can help you get through this difficult time in the best way possible, protecting your rights at every turn.

What is Personal Injury Protection?

Some states—including Texas—include Personal Injury Protection insurance in first-party auto insurance coverage. PIP pays for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs if you are injured in a car accident. PIP also covers the medical expenses for any passengers in your car who were also injured in the collision. PIP in Texas is mandatory unless you decline the coverage via a signed waiver.

It’s rarely a good idea to decline PIP coverage as it could leave you unprotected in the event of an accident that results in extremely high medical bills. Regardless of who is at fault in your auto accident, PIP will pay all reasonable medical costs, rehabilitative services, ambulance costs, surgical costs, funeral services, and lost income related to the accident. PIP will also pay for replacement of necessary services that were provided by the injured party. These necessary services could include family care, household maintenance, etc. if the injured party is not an income producer.

PIP insurance only provides coverage for any expenses occurring within three years of the accident. Of course, it is always a good idea to report injuries and expenses as quickly as you can. Be sure to keep all documentation associated with your medical expenses and lost wages. PIP generally pays 100 percent of medical expenses, ambulance services, and funeral expenses in the case of death. PIP only covers 80 percent of lost wages and will require proof of income prior to the crash. Expenses related to a caregiver while you are injured are also only covered up to 80 percent.

How Long Does a Personal Injury Suit Take?

Every personal injury claim is unique, therefore, it can be difficult to accurately estimate the length of time it will take to settle. That being said, a relatively simple personal injury suit could settle within weeks. This is true only if you have fully recovered, and liability is not in dispute. More complex personal injury claims can reasonably take between one and three years to settle.  Your personal injury attorney in Keller can help you understand the many factors at play that can affect the timeline to settlement in your case.

Cases that are worth more generally take longer to settle. This is because insurance companies want to limit the amount they pay out. When the financial stakes are high, insurance companies are more willing to spend the time and money on a legal defense. Cases that involve serious or catastrophic injuries or those that result in disability may take longer to settle. Your attorney will want you to reach maximum medical improvement prior to settling your claim. Finally, if liability in the accident is clear it is more likely to settle quickly. When liability is murky, it can take longer to settle your claim. 

How Can a Keller Personal Injury Attorney Help?

When you hire a personal injury attorney in Keller from Noteboom—The Law Firm, you have taken an important first step toward ensuring your future is protected. We understand that serious injuries have a catastrophic impact on the future of those involved in an accident. You may be left with traumatic injuries that may take months, years, or a lifetime to heal. You may be unable to work and make a living, or even unable to care for your family or enjoy your life as you did prior to the accident. The Noteboom—The Law Firm attorneys handle catastrophic loss cases in Keller, TX, and in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. If you require a personal injury attorney in Keller, look no further—contact Noteboom—The Law Firm.

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