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Injured Due to Negligence? Contact a North Richland Hills Personal Injury Attorney

North Richland Hills, TX is a suburb of Fort Worth with a population of about 70,000, making it the third-largest city in Tarrant County. Money Magazine designated North Richland Hills as one of the “Top 100 Best Places to Live in America” in 2006. In 2016, North Richland Hills was listed as ninth on the list of best Dallas-Fort Worth neighborhoods. The headquarters of Health Markets is housed in North Richland Hills, along with other popular businesses. While North Richland Hills is a great place to live for many residents, like any city or town, there is always the potential for a personal injury which may result in needing a North Richland personal injury attorney.

A personal injury occurs when a person is injured due to the negligence of another person or entity. The primary types of personal injuries are auto accidents, along with slip and fall accidents, and medical malpractice claims. Having an experienced North Richland Hills personal injury attorney by your side following a personal injury can make a huge difference in the outcome of your claim. Attorneys at Noteboom—The Law Firm are highly experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled in personal injury claims. We will work hard on your behalf to ensure you are paid a fair settlement that will cover your injuries, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

When Should I Hire a North Richland Hills Personal Injury Attorney?

Although you can hire a North Richland Hills personal injury attorney any time following your accident, the sooner you have an attorney on board, the better for your future. When you are without counsel during any part of the process, you risk making a mistake that could potentially cost you in the future. Virtually every personal injury claim involves conversations with an insurance company. Despite the television commercials that show insurance companies as your “friend,” in fact, insurance companies are only interested in their financial bottom line. It is important that you have a strong advocate in your corner who can fight for the compensation you deserve.

Your personal injury attorney will ensure your medical bills—both past and present—are fully paid. If you have lost work due to your injuries, your personal injury attorney can determine your total lost wages including future lost wages. The damages to your car or property need to be addressed as well as your pain and suffering and any other damages. The deck is generally stacked in favor of insurance companies. Having a strong North Richland Hills personal injury attorney on board quickly can really make a difference. Your personal injury attorney will also ensure you receive the medical care you need to help you get back to your normal life.

What Does a Personal Injury Attorney Do?

Your personal injury attorney will fight for your rights and has experience in getting through the red tape and bureaucracy involved in personal injury cases. He or she is well-versed in working with other attorneys and insurance companies. Your personal injury attorney will gather all evidence associated with your accident. Some personal injury firms employ an on-staff investigator whose job is to discover all relevant evidence.

If there were witnesses to your accident, your attorney can secure statements from those witnesses. If you require medical treatment because of your accident, your attorney can find the medical experts you need. Personal injury attorneys are comfortable negotiating with insurance companies and know how to counter every delay and deny tactic from the company. Most of all, your personal injury attorney is always on your side, fighting for you and your future. While your attorney works on your behalf, you are allowed to focus on your recovery.

What is the Process for a North Richland Hills, TX Personal Injury Claim?

The investigation your personal injury attorney conducts on your behalf will include proving liability and determining damages. In a personal injury claim, your damages include any losses incurred as a result of your accident. All your medical bills and pay stubs will help determine the total amount of damages you are entitled to receive.

Prior to filing a lawsuit on your behalf, your attorney will notify the defendant and their insurance company of your claim. This is the point where settlement negotiations are engaged in. Your attorney will ask for a certain amount in damages and the insurance company will likely counter. If an amount can be mutually agreed to, your claim will settle at this point.

If your personal injury attorney can negotiate a good settlement, it is usually better for you because you will receive the compensation you need much sooner. This means you can pay your medical bills and any other expenses that you have incurred as a result of the accident. If your attorney cannot come to an agreement with the negligent party, a lawsuit will be filed. Even though the lawsuit has been filed, there will still usually be another chance to settle the claim in most cases. Filing a lawsuit lets the at-fault party understand you are serious about getting the compensation you need and deserve.

In the state of Texas, the first step to filing a personal injury claim is to file a complaint against the negligent party. This formal complaint clearly spells out the circumstances which gave rise to you seeking damages suffered from the defendant. The defendant is given a certain amount of time to answer the complaint. All personal injury trials go through a discovery process that involves attorneys for both sides exchanging information. This can take weeks or months to complete.

The purpose of discovery is to allow both sides a chance to understand the facts of the case. It is also the time when both attorneys gain insight into the arguments the other side will use against them. In some cases, the case will go through mediation prior to litigation. If mediation is unsuccessful, and there is no agreement on a settlement, a trial is held. A judge or jury will determine who was at fault. If the decision is in your favor, they will determine how much compensation you are entitled to receive. 

How Can a Noteboom—The Law Firm North Richland Hills Personal Injury Attorney Help?

The personal injury attorneys at Noteboom—The Law Firm aggressively represent residents of North Richland Hills as well as the surrounding Dallas-Fort Worth area. We handle serious injury cases, and never treat your matter as “just another accident.” We will handle all negotiations with the insurance company. When necessary, we can retain vocational, economic, and rehabilitative experts to prove the level of damage done to you. We stay in close contact with you throughout the process, answering all your questions in a prompt, thorough manner. Contact Noteboom—The Law Firm today!    

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